VTE High Schools

VTE High Schools are public or private, technical, vocational or senior vocational high schools, with a three-year curriculum and with students that normally are 15 to 17 years old.
TVET is an important component of the Chinese education system that has been given more attention in recent years due to the crucial impact it has on enhancing national employment and on training a qualified labor force.
The national TVET policy focuses on promoting TVET at secondary level and especially in rural areas; expanding total enrolment in TVET institutions and improving the quality of education; improving coordination between secondary and post-secondary TVET and general education.
Adjusting courses and curricula to make them well-targeted at practical employment needs; improving the quality of teaching personnel; and promoting better cooperation between industries, employers and TVET institutions.
To act in an effective way, Yizhong-Edulife has already established relations with institutional, educational and business partners for VTE High Schools, in China and abroad.


Through the services it provides, Yizhong answers the need of all organizations to develop, in conjunction with their co-workers, a collaborative learning model capable of promoting both internal and external communication and of discovering and enhancing the intellectual capital:

Allowing the intellectual capital of the enterprise to emerge

Identifying the job profiles

Identifying the contents

Formalizing the contents (if not already done)

Training the trainers (if not already trained) to be competent on contents and training

Using adequate tools for monitoring both quantitative and qualitative learning indicators

Yizhong has developed a continuous ‘Competency Centre for Training’ educators, teachers, lecturers, tutors and community animators involved in the learning process, both in presence and online, to enable them to manage all aspects of a training process:


Analysis of training needs

Identification of learning paths based on job well-defined profiles

Educational offers that are sustainable in both timing and content

Delivery of training

Evaluation of the results


International High School project is committed to introducing international high school curriculum in Chinese high schools.
Apart from a series of mainstream Studying Abroad preparatory courses, such as: AP, IB, A-LEVEL, Yizhong promotes and organizes American High School Diploma Course, which provides students the possibility of completing American high school courses in China. When students pass the final exam, they will get Chinese-American double diplomas, and all their credits are also valid in the USA.
International high school project also introduces the “Learn how to learn” concept, which will help students to build a correct view of studying abroad.
Especially, students will be accompanied and directed by foreign teachers to establish an effective study habit for studying abroad with the understanding of different cultures.
In 2015, Xuansheng Group and Yizhong Education have established Shanghai New Learning Educational Technology Co., Ltd. The new company is committed to the internationalization of China education and online-education.
With the support of Italy Edulife S.P.A, Yizhong and New Learning will develop online education models for specific projects. Moreover, the company will promote a high-end customized service to the Chinese market.