The purpose of China Automotive and Mechatronics Education Center, CAMEC, is developing a specialized competence centre dedicated to the vocational training of young people and adults.
CAMEC involves the most important and innovative companies in the Automotive and Mechatronics and expresses a high level of specialized know-how that enables to generate educational programs actually linked to labour market needs in China.The value chain of CAMEC is centered on three courses:

Vocational guidance: to help young people to discover their talents and their disposition.

Teaching methodology: to train trainers and develop learning teaching units that correspond to the cognitive and learning styles of young Chinese technicians.

Technological innovation: to form competent professionals responsive to the needs of enterprises and labour market in China.

CAMEC is a point of encounter between technological demands of the Chinese market and the availability of technological know-how of firms accompanied by the presence of university-level research centers such as POMOS Rome’s La Sapienza University.
Not only expertise dedicated to education, but also expertise directed to problem solving.
The strong focus on innovation of companies and researchers that make up CAMEC, enable to deal with topics such as the most innovative electrical and electronic systems, the electric and hybrid drive, and the increasing demand of infrastructure to support mobility from East Asia car factories.
CAMEC derives from an experience in over 40 countries worldwide and expresses a training model built on a continuous scientific research shared with the most important Italian and Chinese Universities.
CAMEC is coordinated and promoted by Yizhong-Edulife. Yizhong-Edulife is the exclusive distributor for all Chinese territory.
The purpose of CAMEC is to create and develop adequately consulting and technical training activities and career guidance.

Main goals of CAMEC

To identify and promote a network of highly qualified professional training centers in China, involved in car repair chain that cooperate closely with the companies in the Automotive field and are interested in the promotion, support and development of training activities for young people in any region of China.
To promote the CAMEC in China to deliver training by providing educational materials and support.
To develop and establish a link between the worlds of education, training, work, research and technology transfer in order to enhance the skills of people and promote the development of the Mechatronics and Automotive industries in China.
To develop a modern system of education and training.
To improve the technical, operational and professional skills of trainers and students, and make the training more and more in line with the needs of the market to better integrate young people into work.
To support the emergence of new educational needs in Automotive and Mechatronics in China.
To experience a model of interaction between the system of vocational education and training and the world of work.
To activate synergies between companies and Yizhong-Edulife providing the educational system with: human resources, experiences, scientific and technological knowledge, educational material, tutorial, diagnostic equipment, engines, etc. in order to improve the technical and professional skills of workers and students.
To qualify the educational and vocational training system making it responsive to the expectations of the business world.
To contribute to create an education system starting from the initial education and formation, to the higher, continuous and life-long one.
To connect the demand for professionalism of companies with the need of knowledge and training of young Chinese, through an education aimed at developing strong skills, oriented to do, but also to form, through the enhancement of knowledge, persons capable of real autonomy.

To offer job training and/or guided internships to students through the networks of companies of CAMEC.

To promote the design and implementation of courses or upgrade modules for educators and students on specific topics and technological innovations, including developing, in collaboration with experts of Yizhong-Edulife, training tools to be used in the classroom as educational models related to the curriculum.




Spanesi is a company in constant growth that has won a position of primary importance in its sector.

Spanesi is a global leader in the collision repair Industry which is specialized in supplying design, equipment, and training for collision repair facilities.

Spanesi offers consulting, training and 3D plans through customized solutions and innovative processes.

Spanesi products are innovative and highly technological and offer excellent performance in quality, productivity and profit.

With Spanesi technologies the collision repair technician is able to perform a proper vehicle repair.



Since 1858 millions of customers have chosen Lechler paints in the Industry, Refinish, Decorative, Yachting and Habitat sectors identified by the five brands of the group.

After more than 150 years approximately 600 people contribute their abilities and passion to the work of research, development, production and marketing of paint products and the training of users.

In Europe the head office of Lechler is located in Como while the production sites are in Como, Seregno and Foligno. There are the four branches in Manchester (UK), Grenoble (France), Barcelona (Spain) and Kassel (Germany). In Brazil the company operates in the production site and branch of Paraì (Rio Grande do Sul) and the branches of Rio Negrinho (Santa Catarina), Tocantins(Minas Gerais) and Paulínia (São Paulo).



Bylogix s.r.l. is an engineering company working in several sectors and markets since 2007. Beating heart of this society is the group of experts composing it.

Our main strengths are the design and development of SW and HW for embedded electronic devices, the development of systems for validation and testing and the verification of safety requirements in accordance with current standards.

The multifaceted experience acquired by our engineers allows us to work in R&D and in industrial environments. Thanks to our wide expertise we can operate both on single components and on complex systems.



Tekné Consulting srl was conceptually born in 1998, but officially became part of the Italian automotive industry in 2005 as a specialised consulting firm.

The idea came from the need to support automotive businesses by offering a range of quality services and becoming a partner specialised in dedicated and personalised consultancy.

The offer aims at establishing a direct and authentic relationship, making use of professional technicians and enthusiasts who use innovative processes to guarantee the best performances.

Technical Training was the first service developed and provided by Tekné Consulting Srl: complete and updated training packages developed to support all auto repair shops that have to contend with new technologies on a daily basis.

Subsequently, Tekné Consulting Srl implemented the Technical Helpline and Technical/Commercial Database.

Through a constant process of R&D and direct experience, these services have given life to new solutions created specifically to meet the real needs of customers, ranging from Technical Surveys to Customer Care and Logistics.

Tekné Consulting srl is an independent and reliable choice to integrate your business with customised tools.

The company’s real competitive advantage comes from having a global vision of the solutions to each problem, and from offering the most appropriate and comprehensive services, which are able to stimulate a new attitude towards the job and the customers.



BRC Gas Equipment is a trademark owned by M.T.M. s.r.l., an Italian company leader in manufacturing and marketing automotive LPG and CNG components and systems.

With sole distributors in more than 70 countries, a 100 millions euros turnover in 2015 and more than 1,000 co-workers and employees, BRC Gas Equipment holds in Italy a market share of roughly 24% for LPG systems and of more than 23% for CNG systems.

Well-known above all for its CNG and LPG conversion kits (500,000 yearly), during the years BRC extended its offer with new businesses: CNG home, fleet and filling stations compressors branded BRC Compressors, BRC FuelMaker and Cubogas, electronic components and systems as BRC Electronic Division, spare parts for regular auto maintenance branded BRC Car Service.

BRC also appears in the racing world as BRC Racing Team, born to develop new technologies useful for every day vehicles and prove strength and reliability of its components.

The main activity has always been the vehicles gas conversion, performing the serial production of bi-fuel vehicles in many installation centres on behalf of the main automobile trademarks: Chevrolet, Citroen, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Piaggio, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo.Moreover, BRC always cooperated in many countries of the world with: Chevrolet, Daimler, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, MAN, Maruti-Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Gruppo PSA, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen.

Research & Development Dept. has always been the BRC Gas Equipment drawing power, assuring BRC products an excellent performance and a low impact on the environment. This is the department that created the first Italian LPG and CNG gaseous injection system and the first gaseous injection system for vehicles with petrol direct supply.

Thanks to its widespread presence on territory, BRC Gas Equipment has become a landmark in Italy and abroad; its large network of dealers and workshops provides the final user with an immediate, constant and highly qualified assistance.

The BRC Gas Service project, having more than 500 specialized workshops, further improves the offer to the customers with a wide range of additional technical and commercial services.

Moreover, since many years, BRC Gas Equipment periodically has organized training and technical updating courses addressed to the installers.

BRC recently strengthened its presence on territory with the BRC Car Service network, already having 250 workshops specialized in the spare parts field of regular auto maintenance.

The historical plants are seated in Cherasco (Piedmont – Italy), having roughly 600 employees and a covered area of more than 50,000 sqm on 9 production areas.



The Pole for Sustainable Mobility (POMOS) is a novel initiative taken by the Regional Administration of Lazio, in order to promote the start-up of an industrial district specialized on Sustainable Mobility.

POMOS acts has a connection point for the interaction of different subjects (Academia, Industries, Regione Lazio, Municipalities, Public administration), which constitute a network of subjects interested in the sector of Sustainable Mobility.

The main aim of POMOS is the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry, stimulating the small and medium enterprises involved in the innovative sectors of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) and Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) to cooperate among them.