Yizhong-Edulife (Zhejiang Yizhong Education Business Consulting Co., Ltd.) is a China registered company focusing on non-formal education consulting and training.

It partners with Edulife Spa, a company headquartered in Verona – Italy, promoting the development of human resources worldwide for the benefit of public and private institutions, NGOs, universities, schools, firms, banks and insurance companies.

Yizhong-Edulife is dedicated to innovation in teaching and the development of new educational models. We offer companies, schools and institutions qualified, effective and innovative ways, centered on learning and promoting the development of competencies and performance of human resources.



help people to achieve their full human and professional potential.


promoting competent relationship networks functional to the creation of a lifelong learning system capable to welcome people respecting their interests, places and times.



Our student-centered methodology is part of the Yizhong-Edulife Value Cycle.
The Yizhong-Edulife value cycle ensures clear objectives, and innovates teaching methodology, curricula and teachers’ performance.
Above all the Value Cycle places the person at the center.


Knowledge promotion calls for a rethink of traditional forms of communication, from a transmission model (one to many) to a collaborative model (many to many).


To develop and make good use competencies, there is a need for special technology to accurately evaluate content, processes and the experience of both individuals and various communities of practice.


Updating teaching and learning methods requires scientific competencies based on pragmatic methodologies and tools which facilitate co-creation and organizational sharing of knowledge.



“Training is a vocation” – every project we undertake is entirely people-centred.


We have been in the training business for more than a century. We bring our long experience to bear on today’s challenges, day by day.


Our partnership Edulife Foundation guarantees scientific research and our innovative practices are backed by laboratories combining pedagogic competence, the latest communication techniques and state of the art digital tools.


Yizhong staff love their work. That is why they perform responsibly and with awareness, always favouring true collaboration, cooperation and human respect.