CNH Industrial extends its TechPro² training program in China to the Xinjiang region

2018/10/24 News

CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) has launched the latest edition of its TechPro2 Technical Professional Program dedicated to industrial equipment in Changji, near Urumqi. Located in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, CNH Industrial is already present in Urumqi with a manufacturing facility specialized in making cotton pickers for the Case IH brand.

First launched globally within CNH Industrial in 2011, the mission of the TechPro2 program is to support local communities by providing young people with advanced technical training to give them the skills and tools they will need for a bright future in the industrial sector. With the setup of this new program, CNH Industrial’s educational partner Yizhong Edulife is cooperating with the local government to establish a local Yizhong Edulife branch to manage the training operations in Xinjiang.

This new program will start with the Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical College located in Changji and eventually extend to its four entrusted vocational schools in South Xinjiang. Training will be organized into two classes and a total of 55 students will be admitted to this first cycle of three years. Students who successfully complete the course and attain the relevant certification will qualify for professional placements through CNH Industrial and its network of workshops in China, including joint-ventures.

CNH Industrial is providing course funding and resources including Cursor 9 and NEF 6.7-liter engines from its FPT Industrial brand, equipment and other core mechanical components. In addition, CNH Industrial staff are training the school’s instructors, transferring skills and knowledge and assisting in the development of the curriculum to be studied.

Yizhong Edulife is providing technical and methodological training and materials for the program. The inauguration ceremony for the new program was held on Thursday, October 18 at the Xinjiang Agriculture Vocational Technical College.

It saw the attendance of authorities from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Yizhong Edulife representatives, officials from the College, local media, students and professors.

Luca Mainardi, Head of Agriculture & Construction Equipment for China and Mongolia, represented CNH Industrial and spoke to those gathered about CNH Industrial and TechPro2. “TechPro2 is one of those sustainability projects where we as CNH Industrial can directly make a difference in communities. Our global and local industrial experience together with strong presence here in Urumqi allow us a unique opportunity to provide young people with the skills and knowledge they will need to realize their potential and find their place in the workforce.” said Mr. Mainardi. This new program extends CNH Industrial’s TechPro2 training offer in China to three bases, with two existing programs already in operation, respectively in Changshan, Zhejiang Province for commercial vehicles (established in 2014) and in Yanji, Jilin Province for agricultural equipment (established in 2016). CNH Industrial has a long history in China dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the first tractors were imported to the Heilongjiang Province. Including its joint-ventures, the Company counts some 9,000 employees and six manufacturing plants, operating across all of its four industrial business segments: agricultural equipment (Case IH and New Holland Agriculture), construction equipment (CASE and New Holland Construction), commercial vehicles (IVECO, IVECO ASTRA and Magirus) and Powertrain (FPT Industrial).

The ceremony was hosted by Carlo Socol and Yang Qingling, a teacher of the Engineering Branch of Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical College. The ceremony began with a burst of dance "Classical and Modern", and the audience applauded. The introductory videos of TechPro2 and CNH were then broadcasted, followed by videos of the Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College and of Yizhong Edulife.

College President Mr. Li Jingtian gave a speech. On behalf of the Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, he expressed his warmest welcome to all the leaders who attended the signing ceremony! After having briefly introduced the situation of Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, he pointed out that the Techpro2 International School-enterprise Cooperation Project of Case New Holland Industrial Group not only provides professional update development services for the agricultural equipment application technology specialty of the institute, but also marks the college's deepening of integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation and open-run education.

Representing the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Machinery Administration, Deputy Director Mr. Yimit Ruozi explained that in recent years, the agricultural machinery industry in Xinjiang has developed rapidly. At the same time, the demand for modern agricultural machinery talents has also increased and the shortage of agricultural machinery professionals has become more conspicuous. The Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational College and the Case New Holland Industrial Group, in conjunction with Yizhong Edulife introducing the TechPro2 project solves the problem in a timely manner. All three parties have a strong sense of social responsibility and mission. If they join forces, they will be able to cultivate more modern agricultural mechanized talents with full development of morality, intelligence, and beauty. Finally, he said that, as the competent agricultural machinery department of Xinjiang, it is very gratifying for the Administration to see that the internationalization project that brings benefits to the Xinjiang people and promotes the rapid development of Xinjiang's economy has settled in Xinjiang. The Agricultural Machinery Bureau has the responsibility and obligation to provide all possible support for the smooth implementation of the project. This support will further promote the vigorous development of the agricultural machinery industry in Xinjiang.

Gu Liding, a female student of the 2018 Agricultural Machinery Equipment Application Technology Class, spoke on behalf of her classmates. She greeted the audience with fluent English. She then talked about the situation of cotton growing back home: “When I was a child, she said, I often followed my parents to pick cotton, a back-breaking task. Finally, there was a cotton picker, so we didn’t have to work so hard to pick cotton. However, sometimes the machine would break down, and it could not be repaired in time. At this time, the whole village could only wait, and sometimes even miss the best cotton-picking period, which directly affected the income of the villagers”. These things deeply affected her. When the college entrance examination report arrived, she decided to choose the agricultural machinery major. She learned that the college is the first batch of 28 national model vocational colleges in China. It is the first batch of higher vocational schools in Xinjiang. After entering college, she learned that the major was the TechPro2 international school-enterprise cooperation project with CNH Industrial and Yizhong Edulife. They donated teaching and training equipment to the school and introduced international teaching, ideas and methods to cultivate professional talents in the field of agricultural machinery. All this made her believe in her original choice. On behalf of the whole class, she expressed her sincere gratitude to CNH Industrial, Yizhong Edulife and Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, and said that she will make great efforts to live up to the cultivation and expectation of the college and enterprises.

CNH President Luca Mainardi first introduced the basic situation of the company. Case New Holland is a large multinational company with 12 global brands and operations in 180 countries and regions. The company has more than 63,000 employees and 66 production plants. In 2017, it achieved an operating income of 27.4 billion US dollars. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Milan Stock Exchange. Products relate to agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, commercial vehicles and powertrain solutions. The company also established a dedicated financial services department to provide financial support for product sales. A total of 7 brands operate in China, and there is also CNH Finance to provide financial services support for brand product sales and customers. Together with the three joint ventures, the company employs approximately 9,000 people in the country, runs six production plants, and has a network that includes more than 2,000 dealers and service stations. He said: “Xinjiang is an important and strategic area for us. In order for us to see our business continue to flourish here, we understand that is important that we continue to invest time and resources into this community […] TechPro2 has been implemented around the world by CNH Industrial and FCA, our sister group. It has trained almost 13,000 students from 60 schools with over 380,000 accumulative training hours. Together with Yizhong, we have already set up two other courses in the Zhejiang and Jilin provinces in 2014 and 2016 respectively, through which we have trained almost 170 students. While most of them have been employed by our network, the rest have found their opportunities with other employers in the industrial. It is a win-win formula that will prepare students for their future careers and in turn provide our Company and its service network with a talent pool of highly qualified technicians”.

Thereafter, the HR Director of Case New Holland Howard Lu and the chairman of Yizhong Edulife Carlo Socol signed a cooperation agreement between CNH and Yizhong Edulife. The president of the school, Li Jingtian and the chairman of Yizhong Edulife, Carlo Socol, signed a cooperation agreement between the school and the enterprise.

Subsequently, President Li Jingtian and CEO Luca Mainardi unveiled the TechPro2 International School-Enterprise Cooperation Training plaque of CNH Industrial and Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical College, marking the official launch of the first TechPro2 international project in Xinjiang.

Mr. Pier Giorgio D'Amato from CNH presented the class flag for the ‘2018 CNH Class’, thus marking the formal establishment of the first TechPro2 Xinjiang course.

The 2018 CNH Class has 55 students, including 40 minority students, many of whom from southern Xinjiang. Often their family economy is not good. Upon hearing of this, Prof. Socol, Chairman of Yizhong Edulife, declared that his company is willing to provide a scholarship to fund these students and not allow any of them to drop out of school for economic reasons. At the ceremony, Prof. Socol and College Dean Zhang Shuangxia awarded scholarships to students selected from the 2018 CNH class. Ten students, including Wusman Aishan, enjoyed the first lot of subsidies from Yizhong Edulife.

The signing ceremony ended with the Kazakh dance "Black Galloping Horse". Finally, all the leading guests and all the students of the 2018 class sat for a group photo. Afterwards, the guests visited the scene of the student training and praised the students' operation skills.

October 18, 2018 is a great and memorable day, on which Xinjiang's first TechPro2 project was officially launched, bringing the Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical School Engineering Branch to a new level in terms of international cooperation in school management, embarking on a new journey. The mission is glorious, and the responsibility is great. We will take this opportunity to cultivate more and better agricultural mechanization talents, improve the quality of college personnel training, serve the development of Xinjiang agricultural machinery industry, and promote the economic development of Xinjiang.


Partially edited by Yizhong Edulife